Thanks for a great event!

Thank you all who attended, supported, and otherwise helped make a great event run smoothly.  It was great to see everyone and to once again find ourselves among friends and family.  See you in October!


2019 Return of the Sun

APRIL 26th -28th

While the snow and cold still lies heavy upon our bones, the days lengthen steadily and we turn our hearts towards the Return of the Sun!  Come celebrate with us as we raise our horns in fellowship and community. 

Please review the Event Information for basic information about our site and the event.  

Future information about event specific activities including fighting, archery, crafts, and food will be posted here as they are made available by our volunteers. 

Currently (04/19) we have over 200 people registered!  



Everyone is required to register to help us plan for amenities.   This includes merchants and traders.

While we pride ourselves on hospitality, we cannot guarantee feast, camping space, or other services for those who do not register. 

At this point, all interior Fort camping has been filled.   If you have not been contacted by the event organizers and are NOT a merchant/trader, please plan on camping outside the fort. 

NOTE: This event requires all NEW attendees to send a photo of them in kit as part of the registration. YOU WILL NEED A GOOGLE ACCOUNT TO UPLOAD PHOTOS. 


Event/Tent Layout

New Layout for 2019

Here is the tent/event layout for the upcoming event. 

As mentioned on the registration form, tents inside the fort are very limited (for safety and for practicality).

We are trying a few things differently, such as layout the period tents out in streets. (It doesn't work if everyone faces the road.)

We ask that everyone be patient in trying out the changes and to bring your suggestions/comments to the Thing on Sunday morning.


T-Shirt and Hoodies

New for 2019!

We've had people asking for years about how they can help the site and how they can get  a hold of some of the spiff t-shirts you see folks wearing. 

This year, we are offering a chance to do both with limited edition t-shirts and hoodies commemorating the 2019 Return of the Sun Event. 

Color choice is black or black.  If you ask nice, we'll even order you one in black! 

Deadline for ordering is April 10.  No orders accepted after this date! 


T-Shirts are $20 (as pictured)

Hoodies are $30 (as pictured)

Please add $2 for sizes XXL and larger. 

Price is for pickup at RotS.  Shipping in Continental US is $5.  International shipping will be actual cost.  

Please Indicate your size and any other information in your PayPal note.

Please PayPal at the link below to :   

PayPal Here

Event Activities



We will be doing our celebration and feast on Saturday evening!  Dress in your finest fabrics with your fanciest bling!  Period feast gear  is required to participate (esp. drink containers) 

 Come prepared with a couple of things that you might want to say at feast. Too short and you'll have to go again, too long and the archers get you...

.  Due to the primitive nature of the site, we cannot accommodate food allergies or special preparations.  If you need special food, please bring it. 



We have multiple battles planned for this event for both Eastern and Western styles. 

Please review the authenticity and combat guidelines before participating.

Melees, one on one, and woods/running battles are all part of the mix. 

Stay tuned for more details!



Ravensborg has a long history of fun shoots both on the archery field and for qualified fighters, on the combat field. 

Past shoots include a wands, roving, and clouts.  

We will also have an axe, spear and knife targets.  Bring your toys!



There are no costs to attend this event, but donations are welcome to help cover expenses. 


We hold an auction before feast that is the main source of funds used for site maintenance and improvement. Everyone is asked to consider bringing a quality reenactment item for addition to the auction. This allows us to keep these events free. Please be generous with donations and bids. 

Merchant/Trader List

(as of 3/12)

  • Angus  - Handmade  hoods, leather tarsolys, Birka style bags.   
  • Alan and Katherine Stewart  - Tablet  weaving, baskets, metal, etc 
  • All Things Viking - Beads, beeswax linen food covers, necklaces, clothing, antlers, rune sets, tea/spices and more  
  • Bad Hare Pottery -  Viking Age ceramics   
  • Bast's  Creations - Bone needles, drinking horns, pendants, weaving supplies, belts, hoods, leg wraps, wooden spoons and bowls    
  • Boots by Bohemond -  Handmade leather boots, shoes and footwear   
  • Clothing by Svafa    -  Viking age clothing based and interpreted on original finds. Made from 100% wool and linen fabrics.  
  • Erik Singsaas -  Leather goods, combat seaxes, pewter castings, etc.    
  • Feed the Ravens -  handmade, documentable, archaeological replicas   
  • Primitive Mountain Baskets - Baskets, pendants, runes.     
  • Thorson "Metal/Leather Craft" - Leather belts  and bags with brass.  Knives with leather sheaths,  brass jewelry items, etc.   
  • World Tree Hoard