Authenticity Guidelines


This is a living history event that traditionally hosts members from the major Viking era groups. This is not a LARP, Amtgard, or SCA event.  

Members of all groups are welcome. For those who are new to reenacting or living history please ask for the kit guide before attending. To attend you must be in correct kit. (No fantasy or Hollywood Viking please).  Several resources/kit guides are available in the Files section of the website. 

We are asking all participants to wear items appropriate to the Viking age. These can be based on any region were the Scandinavian peoples raided, traded or settled. We are asking that all modern items be left off site or hidden from view of the public and other participants. This does include obviously modern foot wear unless a medical condition requires use of specialty foot wear.  Glasses are allowed. 

Please hide or remove modern jewelry especially those not based on pieces from this period. Wedding rings are an exception.  We have participants from multiple organizations, each with various award structures with visible symbols. If these items are not based closely off a period find please hide them or leave off site. Good examples of acceptable items would be Skjaldborg Arm Rings, Jomsborg rings and/or wolves, Vikings UK/NA/Vinland Drengr hammers, etc. 

Please cover any hair unnatural colored with a period head covering.  Hats are good for men and a wimple, York or Dublin cap, or a scarf for women.

To clarify, any items allowed in the Vikings North America, Vikings Vinland, Jomsborg and Markland guides will be accepted at this event.

Examples of item to not bring include: horned helmets, machine made trim especially the metallic kind, cotton and polyester clothes, short sleeved tunics, fake fur boots and coats etc., and the scout style X chairs.  You will be told to remove these items or any other item without accepted provenance.

Heraldry  (such as a coat of arms on shields/banners) is after the Viking era. It is not appropriate for this event. Please decorate your shields and banners based on documented designs from the mid-700s to 1100. 

We strive to minimize any misleading of the public with items from outside this period.