Event Information


Return of the Sun and Return of the Dead

  Both events are living history events that traditionally has had members from the major Viking era groups (Skjaldborg, NeoVike, Jomsborg,Vikings UK and Vinland,Vikings North America, Conroi Fitz Osbourn, Regia, SCA as well as independents). This is not a LARP, Amtguard, or SCA event. Members of all groups are welcome. For those who are new to reenacting or living history please ask for the kit guide before attending. To attend you must be in correct kit. (no fantasy or Hollywood viking please). 


Public Hours

 Our public hours are from 10 to 4 on Saturday only for this event. The rest of the time the site is only open for the reenactors. Food merchants will not be on site. We do not charge a fee to observe or participate, donations to help the site are appreciated. Crafting, archery, fighting, feasting will all be occurring. Start thinking on what craft or task you will do at this event. 



Please see the Registration and Site Rule pages for additional information.

Site Preparation

  The site opens on Wednesday, April 23rd for site maintenance.    You are welcome to come early and help work on event set up and site improvements.  Please notify the event in advance.   While kit is not required, labor will be.  This is a great way to meet new people and help the event run smoothly.


We will be providing a light breakfast and lunch in addition to the main feast on Saturday evening. We recommend bringing your own supplies for your other meals. Due to the primitive nature of the site, we cannot accommodate food allergies or special preparations. If you need special food, please bring it. 


There are no costs to attend this event, but donations are welcome to help cover expenses.  Please bring one or more items for our auction on Saturday.  is the main source of funds used for site maintenance and improvement. This allows us to keep these events free. Please be generous with donations and bids.


Merchants and traders were an important part of Viking age life. Only viking period items in appropriate packaging may be sold in the fort.  Trade blankets and booths are both allowed.  There are no fees to trade at this event. Traders should register in advance for guaranteed space.


Combat is a rebated steel system and fill follow standard Western Rules (Skjaldborg, Jomsviking, VikingsUK/NA/Vinland, etc).  All weapons will need to meet rebated steel safety checks. Friday will be a training day. 

Site Infractions

 The Site Owner reserves the right to DENY ENTRY or have persons REMOVED from the property for any reason to include individuals that are in violation of site rules, or state or federal laws.   This includes any real threat of violence or aggression made towards participants at the event or otherwise.