Combat Guidelines

Additional Information

Rebated steel combat at Ravensborg is currently sponsored and managed by Skjaldborg.   A complete summary of Skjaldborg combat rules is available in the "Resources and Files" section of this website.

In general, weapons and combat etiquette that are appropriate for the Vikings-UK/NA/Vinland, Jomsviking, and Regia will be acceptable at Ravensborg.   All equipment must meet both safety and authenticity standards and will be made available to event staff for inspection.

Combat must be engaged in with a courteous and friendly manner while maintaining the competitive environment of martial activities.   Any overly violent/discourteous actions can result in the participant being removed from combat. 

We do allow both "Eastern" and "Western" fighting.  The default is "Western".  Any "Eastern" fighting will be announced in advance and each participant must verbally acknowledge their participation. 

Important points to keep in mind are:

  • Helmets (can include hidden) are required for combat participation.
  • Hand protection is required .
  • Modern protection (including bracers/forearms) are required to be hidden  or very unobtrusive.   Large leather bracers/bazubands should not be visible.
  • Mesh and/or bar grills on helms are not allowed. 
  • Head blows are forbidden except for Eastern style combat.