Site Rules


Authenticity Guidlines

We are asking all participants to wear items appropriate to the viking age. 

These can be based on any region were the Scandinavian peoples raided, traded or settled. We are asking that all modern items be left off site or hidden from view of the public and other participants. This does include obviously modern foot wear unless a medical condition requires use of specialty foot wear. Glasses are allowed. 

Please hide or remove modern jewelry especially those not based on pieces from this period. Wedding rings are an exception. 

We have participants from multiple organizations, each with various award structures with visible symbols. If these items are not based closely off a period find please hide them or leave off site. Good examples of acceptable items would be the arm rings for Skjaldborg, the Jomsborg rings, wolves, etc., Drengr hammers from Vikings NA UK and Vinland, etc. 

Please see the Resource Guide files for additional information that may help in gathering the needed items to participate. 

Please cover any hair unnatural colored with a period head covering. 

To clarify, the items allowed in the Vikings North America, Vikings Vinland, Jomsborg and Markland guides will be accepted at this event.

Other items to not bring include: horned helmets,machine made trim especially the metallic kind, cotton and polyester clothes, short sleeved tunics, fake fur boots and coats etc, and the boy scout style X chairs. You will be told to remove these items.

These guidelines include armor and weapons, which must be appropriate for the viking age.  Completely hidden modern padding/armor is acceptable, but as an example bar grills/mesh/etc on a face plate is not.   


Ravensborg is located on an active livestock farm. To avoid issues with outside animals and the livestock, the owner has limited pets or other animals to ones he has approved. No animals will be allowed on site without prior approval. All animals are to be kept on a leash or kennel when out of your tent. 

Camping/Building Use

 A period appropriate tent can be set up along the road at the entrance to the fort. Modern or other period tents can be set up on the opposite side of the parking area. Hall space is first come first served. It does fill quickly. All sleeping gear does need to be removed from the hall early each day for activities in the hall. The back rooms are already occupied by the event organizers. You should have period sleeping gear to sleep in the feast hall. Limited space is available for tents in the fort. Most of these spots are for the event organizers. Modern items need to be completely hidden or removed from the period tents and buildings with in the fort as the public will be looking into them. 


 Attendees are discouraged from bringing guns onto the property. If they are brought they are to remain in the vehicles in a locked area and out of site for the duration. Anyone displaying a gun or announcing having a gun on the property will be told to leave the property. 


 To minimize modern intrusions we will again ask for cigarettes( traditional and electronic) to be left outside the fort and to completely remove any butts from the site. We are having an issue with butts being left on site or tossed by the fire ring. If you use propane or other compressed gas containers please take them home with you after the event. All site trash goes to an incinerator. We had an issue with single use propane bottles exploding and causing damage. 


 We are adding one more point to help keep the peace, Ravensborg is a political free zone for this event and modern politics are not to be discussed. Let's focus on having fun. If you really need to talk politics pick a period issue. Like Harold's illegitimate claim to the throne. 

Additional Site Amenities

  • ​Wood for fires will be provided .
  • Port-o-johns will be available outside the fort.
  •  Straw will be provided for bedding (if needed, please request in advance).
  • Water will be available (bring your own containers, please).

Please note:  the nearest grocery/fuel/restaurants are approx. 20 min drive from site.